Building Technology to


Make a Bad Day Better


with Brian Poppe



When people are filing an insurance claim, it’s typically not a good day for them. So it’s important to make the customer’s experience as pain free as possible. With the emerging blockchain and AI technology, there are both opportunities and challenges to work toward smoother processes.

To explore this some, I (Mike Kelley) interviewed Brian Poppe, SVP of Income and Wealth Planning at Mutual of Omaha. Among other thoughts, Brian shared some of the areas in which new technology is being refined to make the customer experience faster and less intimidating, while still maintaining privacy and security.

“That’s a gravity issue… a thing that I cannot change. It’s outside of my control, just like gravity exists… So the best we can do is start to manage within knowing that exists.” -- Brian Poppe

Building Technology to Make a Bad Day Better with Brian Poppe

 (32 min listen)

In this episode:

  • Better understanding customer problems
  • Emerging capabilities
  • Supporting brokers
  • Gravity issues
  • Educating customers
  • Nebraska Tech Collaborative

Connect with Brian Poppe

SVP of Income and Wealth Planning at Mutual of Omaha

An entrepreneurial, innovative executive with extensive experience in financial services, Brian Poppe is highly skilled in overseeing all facets of daily operations, directing cross-functional teams to ensure adherence to overarching strategies, policies, procedures, and objectives. He maintains full P&L responsibility, leveraging financial acumen to drive growth and profitability. 

As a SVP of Income and Wealth Planning at Mutual of Omaha, Brian is tasked with leading strategy while making sure financial commitments are hit. Income and Wealth Planning is Mutual of Omaha’s most diverse business unit, offering a variety of insurance products to individuals and families between 30-60.

Mutual of Omaha
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Connect with Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is a managing partner at DeveloperTown and a host of The Innovation Series podcast. He helps corporate leaders and founders put together strategies, teams, and funding to help launch, validate, and grow products and businesses. He is also an advisor and/or board member for several community and business organizations.

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