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Instead of our normal format, this month's presentaion is from DeveloperTown's MindMeld Series.
AI / ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) is having a big impact in our lives, our work, and our businesses. So what should we be looking out for? And how should we be preparing? 
To explore this topic, I (Alex Billingsley) was joined by fellow DeveloperTown tech experts, Data Practice Leader, Brian Rowe and Senior Software (Data) Engineer, Joe Christman. Together, we discussed how terms have changed, news in large language models, examples of existing AI / ML models,and much more. As we talked, the conversation expounded on how businesses can prepare their data for excellent ML, the dangers of AI, and the need to cultivate critical thinking.  

“Data prep is the foundation for any kind of a project that you want to do in AI or ML. And, generally speaking, it’s one of the most dangerous parts because it sets the course for how the project’s going to go. It’s kinda your limiting factor.” -- Joe Christman 

AI / ML Business Impact with Alex Billingsley, Joe Christman, and Brian Rowe

 (53 min listen)

In this episode:

  • Changing terms for AI and ML, including (LLM) Large Language Models 
  • ML in everyday tech: current and future applications 
  • How ML works:  
    • Supervised 
    • Unsupervised 
    • Reinforcement 
  • Text and audio to generative models, including entire 3D worlds and instant manipulation 
  • Work and business applications 
  • Necessity and How To of business data prep for ML 
    • Cleanup of data 
    • Removing bias 
  • Dangers of AI: 
    • Job shifts 
    • Security and Privacy 
    • Legal and Ethical 
    • Unexpected bias 
    • Trust, including Deep Fakes  
  • Cultivation of critical thinking 

Connect with Brian Rowe

Data Practice Leader at DeveloperTown

With 20+ years’ experience in Business Intelligence, Analytics, Project Management, Serial Entrepreneurship, Product Management, and eCommerce Strategy, Brian Rowe works with new ventures to bring exciting ideas to market. 
Linkedin - Brian Rowe   

Connect with Joe Christman

Senior Software (Data) Engineer at DeveloperTown 
Joe Christman makes databases better. His core skill set involves building robust, scalable data models for analytical solutions including the full ETL lifecycle from initial ingestion through the preferred OLAP structure and into the visual layer. He has hands-on experience in all three major cloud providers, Azure, AWS, and GCP, as well as a variety of SQL dialects and Business Intelligence tools. 
Linkedin - Joe Christman  

Connect with Alex Billingsley 

Alex Billingsley is Vice President of Engineering at DeveloperTown and a host of The Innovation Series podcast. A graduate of DePauw University, Alex has extensive experience in systems development, iOS, web development, product development, and product application. 
Linkedin - Alexander Billingsley   

Connect with DeveloperTown

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