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As technology increases and social awareness improves, health care is stepping up as well. Providers are looking to leverage data to not simply react to needs but to identify them earlier and proactively address them with the right resources and solutions. This ability involves not only accessing data but properly and carefully analyzing the results to avoid biases.

In this episode, I (Dr. Luke Pittman) interviewed Dr. Joshua Vest, PhD, MPH, Professor and Director for the Center for Health Policy at Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. We talked in depth about current and emerging data uses, the combining of physical and social health, and much more. Dr. Vest shared the differences between public health and population health, the present and future of proactive care, usability of models, accessibility barriers, and numerous other related insights.

“It’s putting, I think, a lot more often on physicians to start with this emphasis on social needs and social risks, to expand that consideration… [because] there's lots of barriers.” -- Dr. Joshua Vest, PhD, MPH

Leveraging Data to Meet Social and Physical Health Care Needs with Dr. Joshua Vest, PhD, MPH

 (81 min listen)

In this episode:

  • Journals to pay attention to

  • Differences between public health and population health

  • Trajectory in health care technologies

  • Future of proactive health care

  • Area level measures and data

  • Qualitative measures and employing expertise

  • Usability of models

  • Expanding consideration

  • Accessibility barriers

Connect with Joshua R. Vest, PhD, MPH

Professor and Director for the Center for Health Policy at Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health

Dr. Joshua Vest is a health services researcher with an area of interest in the organizational determinants and effectiveness of health information technology and systems. Most of his work is focused on the adoption, utilization, and policy issues of technologies that facilitate the sharing of patient information between different organizations (referred to as health information exchange). His research on health information technology has appeared in Health Affairs, Health Care Management Review, the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, the International Journal of Medical Informatics, and others. His 50+ peer-reviewed publications have employed a variety of research techniques from large scale database analyses, to geographical information system mapping, to survey research, to qualitative focus groups and interviews.

As a former local public health practitioner, Dr. Vest has a particular interest in effective public health information systems. He has peer-reviewed publications that examined the role of information technology governance structures on local public health departments' adoption of information technology and systems, the structure of state and local public health information systems, as well as an evaluation of email intervention to improve disease notification efforts.


  • Health Policy and Management
  • Additional Appointments:
  • Regenstrief Institute, Inc.


  • PhD, Health Services Research, Texas AM University
  • MPH, Epidemiology, Saint Louis University

Research Interests

  • Health information technology
  • Health information exchange
  • Adoption, implementation, usage, impact
  • Organizational theory
  • Public health systems and services



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