Treating the Whole

Person and Their

Caregivers with

Dustin Ziegler

As technology has progressed care in the medical field, there has been a simultaneous advancement in the understanding and application of whole health care. Seeing conditions as more than only a set of physical symptoms has led to a more holistic approach to the health and well being of patients. Through this evolution, the medical community has engaged individuals more fully, as well as begun to take the health and well being of caregivers, and even communities, into account as well.

To discuss all this, I (Dr. Luke Pittman) interviewed Dustin Ziegler, the Program Director of Elevance Health. Dustin related his perspective on the evolution of holistic health care, its importance and impact, social determinants of health, and improvements in aging care. As he shared, Dustin also discussed services people often don’t realize exist, influence of incentives in healthcare, caring for caregivers (care coach model), and much more.

“I always looked at it as two patients: as you know–you’ve got the person with the disease pathology–the other patient’s at least one other caregiver. And so, what’s good, this helps the caregiver out as well, not just mentally but also physically.” -- Dustin Ziegler

Treating the Whole Person and Their Caregivers with Dustin Ziegler

 (58 min listen)

In this episode:

  • Importance and impact of holistic health care
  • Social determinants of health
  •  Improvements in aging care
  • Services people often don’t realize exist
  • Bringing together previously separate services
  • Influence of incentives in healthcare
  • Caring for caregivers (care coach model)
  • Emerging tech, such as remote patient monitoring
  • Increase in support for dementia progression

Connect with Dustin Ziegler

Dustin Ziegler is the Program Director of Elevance Health, a company that supports health at every life stage, offering health plans and clinical, behavioral, pharmacy, and complex-care solutions that promote whole health.

Fueled by their bold purpose to improve the health of humanity, Elevance Health is a leading health company dedicated to improving lives and communities, and making healthcare simpler. Their nearly 100,000 associates serve more than 118 million people, addressing a full range of needs with an integrated whole health approach, powered by industry-leading capabilities and a digital platform.  They believe that improving health for everyone is possible, and it begins by redefining health, reimagining the health system, and strengthening communities.

Linkedin - Dustin Ziegler
Linkedin - Elevance Health

Connect with Dr. Luke Pittman

Dr. Pittman is the VP of Healthcare Solutions at DeveloperTown and a host of The Innovation Series podcast. He is a practicing physician, as well as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor.

Linkedin - Luke Pittman

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