Patient Experience 

with Dr. Justin Schrager



In this episode, I (Dr. Luke Pittman) interviewed Dr. Justin Schrager, emergency physician, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Vital Software. We dive deep into the crucial role of software in enhancing patient care and communication post-emergency department visits. Dr. Schrager sheds light on the varied challenges providers face and how trust plays a significant role in patient interactions.

Our conversation explores Vital Software’s expansion into inpatient and outpatient care and examines healthcare economics, illustrating how tech can bridge gaps in treatment and diagnosis. We also discuss the pioneering efforts in AI, such as predictive analytics for hospital admissions and language translation tools like Vital IO Translate, showcasing the immense potential of technology in revolutionizing healthcare.

Listeners get a glimpse of the powerful impact of digital tools, including a platform used by over a million patients, highlighting the scale of technology's reach in healthcare. Dr. Schrager provides insights on the delicate balance of integrating innovative technology within existing healthcare frameworks and the intricate pursuit of proving ROI in such crucial investments.

"I think that patients are modern consumers of everything else they do, and when they're in the hospital, they expect the same type of communication.”  - Dr. Justin Schrager

Rethinking Patient Experience with Dr. Justin Schrager

 (85 min listen)

In this episode:

  • Discussing Vital Software and its Impact
  • The Challenge of Patient Communication in Healthcare: Importance of post-emergency department instructions
  • Software solutions for Optimizing Healthcare Communication
  • The Impact of Follow-up Care On Hospital Revenue and the Importance of Trust
  • Adopting business-oriented approaches in assessing patient engagement software
  • Vital IO Translate for medical documentation and billing The Future of Medicine and Technology: AI and Software Development in Healthcare
  • The Potential of AI in Healthcare and its Limitations
  • Discussing healthcare economics and compensation differences

Connect with Dr. Justin Schrager

Dr. Justin Schrager, a practicing Emergency Department Physician at Emory University, recognized the need to improve the care experience for emergency departments across the U.S. Together with Aaron Patzer, former Founder of & VP of Product Innovation at Intuit, they founded Vital on the premise to do just that.

With consumer-grade software and artificial intelligence, Vital has been breaking down information silos, optimizing user experience, and increasing operational efficiencies since its founding and has impacted over one million patients and families.

Linkedin – Justin Schrager

Connect with Dr. Luke Pittman

Dr. Pittman is the VP of Healthcare Solutions at DeveloperTown and a host of The Innovation Series podcast. He is a practicing physician, as well as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor.

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