Design with Data Series

This series is an initiative to leverage data to explore specific topics related to product design.


Rethinking Remote Design

The way we work has changed. Forever. Not better. Not worse. Just different.

In the first installment of the Design with Data Series, find out how remote collaboration has changed the way product designers work, and what to expect in the wake of the pandemic.

Insights Annual Reports

Each year we survey our network of 200+ participating companies to identify the high-level trends that have emerged in product design. Once the trends are identified, we interview industry leaders to get deeper insights, context, and practical advice on how to leverage the trends to drive your business.


Insights Report 2021

2020 was a turbulent year by all standards. We were taken by surprise and forced to live and work in ways we could never anticipate. Find out from a group of industry leaders how the trends from 2020 will be transformed into opportunities in 2021.


Insights Report 2020

Your customers' expectations have been changed by some uncontrollable forces. In B2B and B2C industries alike, in order to survive and thrive companies need to first understand what people have come to expect from the digital products they choose. Find out how companies focusing relentlessly on customer experience are winning big.